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Enjoy The Fruity Flavors By Vaping E-Cigs

Nowadays, e-juices are popular amongst smokers. They come in so many different flavors. You will get a variety of e-juices which have zero nicotine content. With the help of e-juice and vaping device, you feel the sensation of real smoking. Vaping device has a heating element which heats the e-juice at certain temperature and as it gets vaporized you inhale that vapor and that vapor gives you the feeling of smoking. This e-juice is made from vegetable glycerin and propelene glycol. Aisle 7e juice is the best e-juice provider that deals in nicotine based e-juice.

aisle 7 flaked e-juice

Fruit based flavor used in e-juice

An e-juice is a mixture of vg, pg, water and food flavor, which has 70% amount of vg and pg, 20% of water and 10% added flavors. Fruit flavor e-juice is a famous e-liquid used by vapers. These fruit flavors can be nicotine contained flavors. In the fruit based flavors, you can vape apple, strawberry, lemon, pomegranates, watermelon and so on.

Which salt is used to make fruit flavor?

The nicotine containing liquids in fruit flavor has salt in them. This juice is known as nicotine salt which is derived from the tobacco leaves. In fruit flavor, this nicotine salt is mixed with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. The amount of nicotine in e-juice is very less than the amount of nicotine used in a cigarette.

Those who have a sweet tooth can also go for dessert flavors like ice-cream, blueberry, orange bar, butter pecan and several others.