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Know The Types Of IT Managed Service Companies

The increasing availability of technology has on one hand made the business processes a lot easier than before but on the other hand, favored the expansion of the operational activities. As a result of these expansion activities, there is a requirement for more efficient and effective management of services by the businesses in London.

This is where IT managed services companies such as Infiniti Cloud Solutions come into prominence. They help the businesses in handling a load of data as well as offer IT support in London.

Here are some types of managed services provided by the companies.

Infrastructure and Networks

This type of service provided by the service provider helps the clients in establishing and reaping the benefits of a well-connected networking system. It includes the WAPs, LANs, and many other such things as its core elements. They ensure fluid information flow and communication and also involves storage and backup for their clients.


With the use of Information Technology techniques, the management of security on the various aspects of business functions has become very easy. These methods can secure the physical premises of the business as well as the data and the cyber properties that exist over the internet.

Cloud Infrastructure

This type of managed service has a wider and deeper approach. Cloud is a platform that is one of the main assets of the IT service and as such service providers handle business client’s networks, web processes, client and organizational data, Intellectual property, and the associated security all at the same time. Being on similar platforms also assures the client of efficient service.