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Steps For Soft Washing The Roof

Most of the houses in Baton Rouge have roofs made from wood or shingles. They tend to accumulate dust and dirt and pressure washing to clean the roof can damage it. Roof soft wash in Baton Rouge is the best solution to this problem. To carry out the washing process with perfection, you should follow the below discussed steps suggested by a cleaning expert from bayoustatesoftwash.com.

Prepare your equipment

You can start your preparation by arranging for the water supply, and collect all essential equipment like ladders, guns and wands, spray guns, nozzles, and injectors, etc.

Stage your home

Covering the surrounding area and staging your home is necessary for roof wash. You should take preventive measures to protect your landscaping and plants. It is best to use the ground cover. It helps to protect your ornamentals from surfactants and soaps.

Apply soft wash

After covering the landscape and plants, and other useful things, start the roof washing process. Just simply apply a low-pressure spray on the roof using specialized solutions. It will safely remove the mildew, bird droppings, stains, organic build-up, bacteria, and algae from your roof.

Leave it for a few hours

Once you have applied the soap, leave it for a few hours. It will plump the dust and stains. So, dust and debris will easily be removed from your roof.

Soft wash again

After a few hours, you should again apply a soft wash on your roof to remove the soap. So, your roof will completely get clean. You will also not need to apply soft washing for at least 3-5 years.